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// NORDLYD 2019 :: A Festival about Freedom //


11: Welcome // Saariaho+Hume :: BOKSEN

A new creation knitting together the Musicall Humors of Tobias Hume and Kaija Saariaho’s Concordia explores freedom in form when baroque and contemporary music are intertwined to form one new piece...

Aliisa Neige Barrière, violin, arranger

Jakob Kullberg, cello, arranger

Kaija Saariaho, curator, arranger


12: Bathos :: HOVEDROMMET

-Reverberations, Terje Viken (WP)

-Smithereens II, Rob Waring

-Snow in Kalamazoo, Koos Terpstra

-Musique de table, Thierry de Mey

-Philip Glass Medley, Philip Glass (Arr. Simen Brenden)

-Drift, miniatyr, Harald Jordal (WP)

Simen Brenden, Håkon Drevland, Geir Strande Syrrist, percussion




14: Panel discussion :: LAB

Guests from different fields join in a discussion about Freedom


15: Ensemble Temporum :: HOVEDROMMET

-Vortex Temporum, Gérard Grisey

Helen Benson, flute

Josefine Høydahl, clarinet

Aliisa Neige Barrière, violin

Vladimir Percevic, viola

Inga Grytås Byrkjeland, cello

Sanae Yoshida, piano

Kai Grinde Myrann, conductor



17: French Baroque :: BOKSEN

There is perhaps no aesthetic more lavish, more abundant and full of decadence than the music of the court of the Sun King… The aesthetics of freedom par excellence

-Apothéose de Corelli, François Couperin

-L'entretien des muses & Les cyclopes, Jean-Philippe Rameau (from Suite in D minor)

-Les sauvages, Jean-Philippe Rameau (arr. Jean-Pierre Guignon)

-Tambourin from Sonata op. 9 n. 3, Jean-Marie Leclair

Aliisa Neige Barrière, violin

Alexandra Peral, violin

Andreas Kaleb Øhrn, cello

Knut Johannessen, harpsichord

Janne Valkeajoki, accordion

18: 3 World Premieres x 1 duo :: LAB

A special project gathering three young rising composer talents under the mission of creating

repertoire for the unusual combination of violin and accordion, followed by a discussion about what freedom means to young composers freshly out of school, striving to find their own language

-These are gently spread across the marble (WP), Jonas Skaarud

-Washboard (WP), Lauri Supponen

-A growing crystal (WP), Mioko Yokoyama

Aliisa Neige Barrière, violin 

Janne Valkeajoki, accordion




20: Releasing emotions :: BOKSEN

In this performance, we attempt to explore musical expression of feelings throughout history...

-Abîme des oiseaux, Olivier Messiaen

-Terra Memoria, Kaija Saariaho

-Berceuse, Armas Järnefelt (arr. Aliisa Neige Barrière)

-Tendrement, Jean-Pierre Guignon

Víctor Martínez-Jara, clarinet

Nordlyd Quartet:

Aliisa Neige Barrière, violin

Alexandra Peral, violin

Vladimir Percevic, viola

Andreas Kaleb Øhrn, cello

21.30: Storytime…The Tale of the Soldier Fatzer :: LAB

A new setting of the tale of Igor Stravinsky in a new retelling by Aleksi Barrière, based on texts by Bertolt Brecht, where a soldier’s will for freedom could make him lose everything…

Víctor Martínez-Jara, clarinet

Aliisa Neige Barrière, violin

Janne Valkeajoki, accordion

Thomas Kellner, actor

Aleksi Barrière, stage director


22.30: Signing off! // open stage and jam session :: HOVEDROMMET

After a whole day of freedom, we unwind in a more relaxed atmosphere and hope you will feel liberated enough to share your talents with us as well!


!Running all day!

A new installation by composer Mike McCormick created especially for Nordlyd and Kulturhuset



We hope you will join us in the breaks in having a bite, a cup of coffee or exchanging your thoughts about what you see and hear... In other words, we would love to get to know who the people we are sharing these moments with are, so do not hesitate to approach us! 

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